Siempre he creído que el origen de la mala fama que algunas televisiones estan empeñadas en darle a Internet y los Juegos viene del hecho de que les "roba" espectadores.

Still, this number seems awfully high to us given other recent reports on the subject. The latest data from Nielsen says that 98.8 percent of all video is watched onReport: 20% of online video fans watch less TV a TV,
with 1.1 percent on the Internet and 0.1 percent via mobile phone. The
Council for Research Excellence seems to agree—in its own report issued in March,
the CRE said that online video barely makes a blip on the screen
compared to the hours spent watching traditional TV. That's not to say
that this data is necessarily contradictory—14 percent of the total
population may still be watching a good amount of TV, just a little
less of it
Vía ArsTechnica


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